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APSD three stage operating table series

Product details
APQS three stage operating table series
Product details:APQS101340035
Material: high quality cold-rolled steel or 304 stainless steel cabinet; 2.0mm, door 2.0mm, mounting plate 2.5mm;
Surface treatment: cold plate with the end of the coating treatment, external coating for the powder, the color is divided into RAL7035 and RAL7032 two kinds, the installation plate is galvanized; stainless steel operating table surface using wire drawing processing, the installation plate is galvanized
Protection grade: standard platform for IP54;
Standard configuration: platform, front door, operation table, a mounting plate, door lock, seal, hydraulic support;
Optional configuration: base, open door handle, threshold, file bag;
Application scope: mainly used in the field of public security fire control, communication command, radio and TV, dispatching center, security monitoring and other fields;
Manufacturer: Shanghai Xuan Mo Electrical Technology Co., Ltd.

Brand: Xuan Mo

Features of products Features of products :

1.Luxury appearance structure design as well as the highlight body

2.three segment table can be removed and can be used independently 

3.A、 B operation panel, display cover plate, before and after a single (double) doors can be opened and with luxurious hydraulic support and the use of high strength rod reflects the convenience people Sui design and installation of the platform

4.before and after the single (double) door from the ground is very high about 25mm, it is sure to open the door of smooth and convenient

5.the three segment platform structure size as shown in the drawings

APS/BAPS series order specification


Order number


Order number


Order number

(304 stainless steel)

Order number

(316 stainless steel)

1 APS8013407032
APS8013407035 BAPS801340304 BAPS801340316 800 1300 400
2 APS1013407032
APS1013407035 BAPS101340304 BAPS101340316 1000 1300 400
3 APS1213407032 APS1213407035 BAPS121340304 BAPS121340316 1200 1300 400
4 APS1613407032 APS1613407035 BAPS161340304 BAPS161340316 1600 1300 400
5 APS8015507032 APS8015507035 BAPS801550304 BAPS801550316 800 1500 500
6 APS1015507032 APS1015507035 BAPS101550304 BAPS101550316 1000 1500 500
7 APS1215507032 APS1215507035 BAPS121550304 BAPS121550316 1200 1500 500
8 APS1615507032 APS1615507035 BAPS161550304 BAPS161550316 1600 1500 500
* can be customized non-standard size, color and material. * can be customized based on the PS/BPS structure of the non - standard products