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APXM inclined plane series

Product details

AP inclined plane table
Product number:AP6096400;
Material: high quality cold rolled steel plate or 304 stainless steel, the mounting plate is galvanized; door panel 2.0mm, 1.5mm,, 2.5mm;
Surface treatment: cold plate operating table using the phosphating coating treatment, surface powder coating, color is RAL7032 or RAL7035, stainless steel is the drawing processing;
Protection level:IP55;
Manufacturer: Shanghai Xuan Mo Electrical Technology Co., Ltd.

Brand: Xuan Mo

Features of productsFeatures of products :

1.human nature of the structure design beautiful and generous

2.the operation of flour can be raised and fixed to the hydraulic support platform of luxury, high quality and humanization

3.before the single (double) door from the ground is very high, about 25mm, to ensure the smooth and easy to open the door

4.concealed hinges, not prominent and easy to install in the door frame and the door, cabinet, also convenient.

5.PUPU foaming technology to ensure the sealing performance of the platform

AP/BAP series order specification


Order Number


Order Number


Order Number

(304 stainless steel)

Order Number

(316 stainless steel)

1 AP6096407032
AP6096407035 BAP609640304 BAP609640316 600 960 400/480
2 AP8096407032
AP8096407035 BAP809640304 BAP809640316 800 960 400/480
3 AP1096407032 AP1096407035 BAP109640304 BAP109640316 1000 960 400/480
4 AP1296407032 AP1296407035 BAP129640304 BAP129640316 1200 960 400/480
5 AP6010407032 AP6010407035 BAP601040304 BAP601040316 600 1060 400/480
6 AP8010407032 AP8010407035 BAP801040304 BAP801040316 800 1060 400/480
7 AP1010407032 AP1010407035 BAP101040304 BAP101040316 1000 1060 400/480
8 AP1210407032 AP1210407035 BAP121040304 BAP121040316 1200 1060 400/480
can be customized non-standard size, color and material.
* can be customized based on the AP/BAP structure of the non - standard products