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Cabinet air conditioning

Product details

Brand: Xuan Mo

Origin: Shanghai
Compressor brand: Hitachi
Protection level: IP34
Temperature control mode: digital display temperature controller
Power connection mode: Triangle power plug

Applicable environment temperature:20-43°

Product features:

1.with the temperature adjustment and go to the wet function, to ensure that the ideal temperature and humidity control cabinet;
2.Xuan Mo dustrial air conditioner adopts rotary compressor, the quality is stable, and the energy consumption is low;
3.Xuan Mo dustry air conditioning sealing performance, internal and external air conditioning can not be converted to keep the cabinet clean;
4.selection of Germany imported large air volume, high static pressure centrifugal fan, the circulation of air;
5.a reasonable return structure, avoid short circuit of air circulation;
6.air conditioning comes with alarm system, real-time monitoring of the use of air conditioners;
7.small size, light weight, installation - use - maintenance is extremely convenient.

Cabinet air conditioning open hole as shown below