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ES Control Box

ES Control Box
Protection level:IP56

Material: cold-roll steel sheets
Surface Finishing: the body is dip coating primer, the outside is powder coating
Color:RAL7032 & RAL7035,weavy grain, mounting plate is zinc coat.
Protection Grade:IP56 (According to GB4205-1993)
Standard configuration: door sheet, cabinet, sealing strip, ground screw, mounting plate, floor and locks, backboard
Cabinet:1.5mm door sheet:2.0mm mounting plate:2.5mm backboard:1.5mm
Company: Shanghai Xuanmo Electrical Technology Co.,Ltd

Brand:Xuan Mo

Features of products :

1.Blind hinge is easy to install and also convenient to take off in door plank which not inside the door frame and cabinet.
2.The door is high from the ground about 25mm.
3.The mounting plate can use plastic sliding guide device through the guide from the front into the box
4.The C type edgefold of both sides of the 2.5mm mounting plate makes it firmer and also convenient to move.
5.The cabinet is dipped coating primer. In order to achieve the best protection effect, all corners and edges are coated protective layer evenly.
6.The special rectangular frame can be fixed on the door with the screws which has the screw hole every 25mm to attach the cable.
7.The ground wire can be connected to the box body or the door sheet.

ES/BES series orders specifications

Serial numbers

Order numbers


Order numbers


Order numbers

(304 stainless steel)

Order numbers

(316 stainless steel)

1 ES8016507032
ES8016507035 BES801650304 BES801650316 800 1600 500
2 ES1216507032
ES1216507035 BES121650304 BES121650316 1200 1600 500
3 ES8018507032 ES8018507035 BES801850304 BES801850316 800 1800 500
4 ES1218507032 ES1218507035 BES121850304 BES121850316 1200 1800 500
5 ES8020507032 ES8020507035 BES802050304 BES802050316 800 2000 500
6 ES1220507032 ES1220507035 BES122050304 BES122050316 1200 2000 500
7 ES8022607032 ES8022607035 BES802260304 BES802260316 800 2200 600
8 ES1222607032 ES1222607035 BES122260304 BES122260316 1200 2200 600
*We are specialized in the customized non-standard products of different sizes, colors and materials and modified products based on ES/BES structures.