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Outdoor cabinet

  Xuan Mo outdoor air conditioner cabinet is special equipment designed for outdoor environment for equipment inside a cabinet in a large amount of heat, internal equipment for ambient temperature sensitive, and both within and outside the need to completely isolate applications, the use of 304 and 316 stainless steel to ensure outdoor use permanent, double deck box, and internal insulation layer, in order to guarantee constant temperature conditions within the cabinet, air conditioning can choose top mounted and hanging type two kinds.
  Air conditioning cabinet series can be adapted to the harsh environment, the outdoor temperature is below 30 degrees below zero and 40 degrees higher than the normal operation, because the outside of the room is completely isolated, to avoid the outside of the room dust, harmful gas, gas into the cabinet, to ensure the cleanliness of the machine cabinet.
  Air conditioning cabinet series is mainly used in the outdoor communication cabinet, access network, outdoor communication cabinet, 3G outdoor communication cabinet, outdoor power cabinet, outdoor control cabinet, Telecom wireless base station, distributed base station, battery cabinet, battery compartment, battery, battery, battery, outdoor communication battery cabinet, small computer room, etc..

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