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TE network cabinet

Product details
TE network cabinet
Material: cold rolled steel sheet
Surface treatment: the bottom of the cabinet is coated with the coating, the outer is the powder coating, the color is black;
Standard: the front glass door, cabinet, 19 inch column, grounding kit, door lock, door plate, block 2;
Optional configuration: casters, laminates, power plug board, U board, top fan unit
Steel plate thickness: 1.5mm

Production unit: Shanghai XuanMo Electrical Technology Co., Ltd.

Brand: XuanMo

Product features:
1.elegant appearance design, exquisite workmanship, size precision
2.before the glass door clear and thorough, easy to see the device working condition and back covered with mesh, easy to heat
4.the top of the autocratic wind units not take up space, but also can take the heat inside the cabinet
5.senior bearing casters, mobile convenience, safety brake device
6.cabinet, easy disassembly, convenient assembly and import
7.kinds of standard parts can be selected for the purchase