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BAK Luxury Vertical Control Box

BAK Vertical Control Box

Material: cold-roll steel sheets;

Protection Grade:IP56

Standard configuration: door sheet, cabinet, sealing strip, suite of link floor, mounting plate, floor and locks

Cabinet body:1.5-2.0mm   Door sheet:2.0mm   Mounting plate:2.5mm

Optional configuration: anti canopy, pendant, wall base, door, ground, walk line, file bag rings

Manufacturer:Shanghai Xuan Mo Electrical Technology Co., Ltd.

Brand: Xuan Mo

Features of products
1.The foam sealing strip has excellent seal performance, the closed cabinet can reach the protection level of IP56.
2.The mounting plate made of zinc coat steel sheet can be used as wiring outside the box
3.The multi-layer fold protection slot can play a role in complementary reinforcement and also can prevent the dirt and water flowing into the box when open the lid.
4.The door made of steel sheet is equipped with Xuanmo hinge which can rotate in 130 degrees.
5.The ground wire can be connected to the box body or the door sheet.
6.It is very convenient to open and close the light Xuanmo locks series.
6.The body can be directly fixed on the wall by the holes and embossing in the back can and also can be fixed by using hook.

AK/BAK series orders specifications

Serial numbers

Order numbers


Order numbers


Order numbers

(304 Stainless Steel)

Order numbers

(316 Stainless Steel)

1 AK6014407032
AK6014407035 BAK601440304 BAK601440316 600 1400 400
2 AK8014407032
AK8014407035 BAK801440304 BAK801440316 800 1400 400
3 AK1014407032 AK1014407035 BAK101440304 BAK101440316 1000 1400 400
4 AK1214407032 AK1214407035 BAK121440304 BAK121440316 1200 1400 400
5 AK8013407032 AK8013407035 BAK801340304 BAK801340316 800 1300 400
6 AK1213407032 AK1213407035 BAK121340304 BAK121340316 1200 1300 400
7 AK8015407032 AK8015407035 BAK801540304 BAK801540316 800 1500 400
8 AK1215407032 AK1215407035 BAK121540304 BAK121540316 1200 1500 400
*We are specialized in the customized non-standard products of different sizes, colors and materials and modified products based on AK/BAK structures.